N2Net SIP Trunk Service for Asterisk & Switchvox

Looking for a provider who really supports Asterisk? N2Net provides nationwide inbound & outbound SIP trunking service for Switchvox & Asterisk. DID numbers available in most areas or port over your own numbers. Toll free DID a specialty.

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  • Outbound service at competive rates from 500 to 500,000 minute packages.
  • Flat rate inbound service on all DID numbers included at no extra charge
  • Ask about our Partner Program for Switchvox & Asterisk Resellers


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No matter how large or small your needs, our Asterisk based Voice Cluster managed by experienced Digium certifed technical staff will meet your needs at competitive prices. See our website for VoIP. We offer plans  See our website or call a speciaist at 888-626-3828 or visit www.n2net.net and check out our SIP trunking packages.

N2Net provised SIP Trunking and Hosted PBX solutions using same Asterisk techonology that we helped develop.  VoIP services for Asterisk & Switchvox are a specialty with support provided by Digium certified technical staff.

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Technical support by experienced ceertifed staff.  If your needs are complex, consutling services are also available at attractive rates.

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As one of the original partipating developers of Asterisk, N2Net provides SIP trunking and hosted PBX servers for end users and Digium Resellers in the USA and overseas.

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Digium Certified

Digium offers certification of selected products to ensure their interoperability with Certified Asterisk as well as Digium's other products. A Digium certified product provides an assurance of quality and interoperability of the product with Asterisk.