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Cut bandwidth usage without sacrificing voice quality using the G.729a codec from Digium.

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  • Allows Asterisk to transcode G.729a to/from any other Asterisk-supported format
  • Uses host CPU to perform transcoding - no expensive DSP hardware required.
  • Available for 32-bit and 64-bit Linux systems


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The G.729a voice codec reduces the bandwidth used by each call, allowing more simultaneous calls over limited connections.  Each G.729 encoded call uses 13 Kbps in each direction -- 20% of the bandwidth required by G.711.  G.729 is idea for connections to limited bandwidth locations (remote offices, home offices) or for trunk connections over the public Internet. 

Digium offers an implementation of G.729 that is compatible with Asterisk and is properly licensed from the intellectual property rights and patent holders. The requirements of the GNU Public License (under which Asterisk is most commonly distributed) make this proprietary software codec incompatible from a licensing perspective. To resolve this license incompatibility, Digium grants an exception to the GPL for customers of this G.729 codec.
This software is licensed on a per-channel basis at $10 USD per channel. When you complete the webstore order, a license key will be generated and e-mailed to you, along with instructions for its use. Follow the G.729 installation instructions to register the channels you have purchased. Registration of your key locks the license key to the server on which it was registered.

Each Asterisk server that you want to perform G.729 transformations will require its own license key. Therefore, if you have Asterisk in multiple locations, then G.729 must be installed and licensed separately at each location.

Rather than the 64kbit/s required for a standard, uncompressed G.711 PCM audio data stream, the G.729 codec compresses the payload to 8kbit/s. Bandwidth calculations for a VoIP call should consider signaling and packet overhead as well, which varies according to network topology. In a typical Ethernet environment and utilizing the SIP or IAX signaling protocols, a G.711 call will consume about 87.2kbit/s while a typical G.729 compressed call will consume about 31.2kbit/s.

A practical example is the number of calls that may be carried across a standard 1.5 megabit/s T1 link. When using uncompressed G.711 audio, one can expect 18 concurrent calls across a T1. And, when using G.729 compression and Digium's IAX2 Trunking, instead of SIP, signaling protocol, one can expect about 140 concurrent calls across the same link.
Digium's implementation of the G.729 Codec in software allows Asterisk to transcode (compress and decompress) audio to and from formats other than G.729. Many business-class IP telephones and VoIP gateways include support for G.729. With the Digium G.729 Codec for Asterisk, those devices can now exchange calls with Asterisk directly.

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G.729: still relevant!

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