DIDForSale sells VOIP DIDs and SIP Trunks all over US. We have more than 8000 Rate Centers all over US.

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DIDForSale is a leading VoIP DID provider. Our company provides the best quality VoIP origination and termination services at low rates. Our origination services provide access to local access numbers all over USA. With the evolution in the VoIP (Voice over IP) technology we offer SIP DID (VoIP DID) service at the fraction of cost of analog lines. DID services from DIDForSale allow service providers to show presence in 8000+ rate centers all over USA. These services open doors for businesses to offer local access numbers to their customers at a significantly lower price.

Say Good Bye to the expensive traditional way of obtaining inbound SIP DIDs (VoIP virtual Phone numbers) through the local telephone companies. With the evolution in the VoIP (Voice over IP) technology you can purchase SIP DID service at the fraction of cost that you have been paying to the standard digital or analog lines. The DID service from DID for Sale allows you to accept incoming calls via VoIP with great voice quality.

Show local presence in any State in USA
Upto 20 Channels on each SIP DID
Redundant systems for high uptime
No minimum commitments
Works with any SIP service
No Limit on inbound minutes
Premium Origination
Failover Facility
Load Balancing

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Reviewer: jprangi

over 6 years ago

We have been using DIDForSale for last few year. Have been very happy, good response and very good service uptime.

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We provider 24 x 7 support for all our DIDs. Help new customers in configuring the DIDs on their system.

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DID for Sale provides low cost VoIP Origination and termination services. Now you can enhance your efficiency, reduce costs, and provide high quality termination.


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