GreenfieldTech Digium Authorized Asterisk Training

Greenfield Technologies Ltd (GreenfieldTech) is one of the better known Asterisk brands in Israel, providing training and consulting services to the entire Asterisk market.

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  • Training is provided in Hebrew or English
  • Classes delivered by an dCAP Asterisk specialist, who is also a qualified trainer
  • GreenfieldTech is a two time Digium Innovation Award winner (AstriCon 2008 & 2009)


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  • Asterisk Advanced Class 6500 ILS
  • Asterisk Advanced Class Training Kit 2000 ILS


Founded by Nir Simionovich, founder of the Israeli Asterisk users group, GreenfieldTech provides training services to brands known world wide. Classes are delivered by Mr. Simionovich himself, bringing into the class over 8 years of Asterisk experience and hundrads of deployments in Israel and world wide.

No matter if your requirement is for Digium Authorized training or a custom tailored Asterisk class, GreenfieldTech is this answer for your requirements.


Asterisk Fast Start - a 3 day introduction for those new to Asterisk (includes an introduction to Linux and Telephony).

Asterisk Advanced - a 4.5 day interactive learning experience for those that have had some exposure to Asterisk

The dCAP (Digium Certified Asterisk Professional) test - your way to benchmarch your Asterisk skills and knowledge with the best.

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Greenfield Technologies Ltd


Greenfield Technologies Ltd (GreenfieldTech) is Israel's Premiere Asterisk consulting, development and training company. Providing Asterisk services to some of the world's better known brands (Jajah, Vodafone, DIDWW, 012, GlobalOneTouch, Co-Speed and more).

Founded by Nir Simionovich, an avid Asterisk community member since 2002 and founder of the Israeli Asterisk users group, GreenfieldTech serves as the prime information source for Asterisk and Asterisk development in Israel.

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