The LumenVox Speech Engine

The LumenVox Speech Engine is an accurate, standards-based speech recognizer that supports multiple languages. It is integrated fully into Asterisk via the standard Asterisk Speech API.

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  • Standards-based speech recognizer that supports multiple languages.
  • Provides speech recognition capability for Asterisk.
  • Supports all major speech industry standards.


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The LumenVox Speech Engine

The LumenVox Speech Engine is an accurate, standards-based speech recognizer that supports multiple languages and can perform speech recognition on audio data from any audio source. The speaker and hardware independent Speech Engine powers speech solutions and platforms deployed in enterprise and SMB environments worldwide. The Speech Engine also provides speech application developers on Asterisk with an efficient development and runtime platform, allowing for dynamic language, grammar, audio format, and logging capabilities to customize every step of their application. Grammars are entered as a simple list of words or pronunciations, or in the industry standard Speech Recognition Grammar Specification (SRGS).

  • Fully integrated through the Asterisk Speech API, allowing for applications to be developed in dialplan or through the AGI.
  • Supports RHEL/CentOS 4 and 5, Debian, and the latest Fedora Core releases.
  • Fully compliant with all speech industry standards.
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Support Details

High quality, affordable technical support is a crucial component of successful speech recognition software integration and application design. Proper support gives you a deeper understanding of the products, reducing your development time and ultimately saving you money.

With this in mind, LumenVox offers the best technical support of any speech recognition provider. When you purchase a LumenVox support contract, you are buying peace of mind that, should you have a problem with the LumenVox software or in building your speech recognition application, you will receive timely answers from experts.

Support Contact Information

LumenVox LLC


LumenVox provides accurate and affordable speech recognition technology together with a committed focus on excellent customer service. Their innovative speech technology empowers channel integrators, developers, and solution providers to design and develop dynamic speech solutions. LumenVox has gained industry recognition by winning over 20 awards for innovation, technical excellence, and user's choice for their Speech Engine and Speech Tuner.

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