LoDi (Load Director)

Load Director (LoDi™) is a software package which manages and directs telephony load (calls) across multiple PBX's, while also serving as a gateway across numerous incompatible technologies.

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  • Complete load balancer
  • Gateway between numerous trunking technologies
  • Clusterable for high availability load balancing


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LoDi is a product which distributes telephony load (calls) across multiple devices. In it's simplest form LoDi is a load balancer, sending calls to PBX's or other devices downstream based on their availabile capacity and capabilities. The result is optimal use of each downstream device's capacity and capabilities.

LoDi's call distribution algorithms range from simple round-robin and waterfall to sophisticated and user-defined algorithms. Alternatively, LoDi can dynamically determine the capacity of downstream devices and direct calls based each device's available capacity. LoDi includes agents for monitoring downstream PBX's (such as Digium's Asterisk), REST based interfaces for querying intelligent PBX's, and user defined rules for calculating device capacity in realtime (for legacy devices/PBX's).

LoDi's is also a technology gateway, bridging various technologies, protocols, codecs, and more. LoDi can accept calls from TDM trunks, SIP trunks, IAX trunks, H323 trunks, and more and deliver them to any other trunking technology. Similarly, LoDi can offload processing from downstream devices by performing codec conversion, SSL decoding, etc. LoDi can even rewrite headers and send calls to different routes/extensions/trunks/etc. downstream with modified headers. The administrator can also decide if LoDi should stay in the call stream.


  • Pre-defined distribution algorithms
  • User-defined distribution algorithms
  • Intelligent agents
  • Header rewrite
  • Trunk protocol conversion
  • Codec conversion
  • SSL offloading
  • High availability / clustering
  • Anti-fraud / anti-hacking 
  • Event handler system
  • LCD interface
  • Telnet, web, socket, and REST interfaces
  • Protect revenue and operations during localized failures
  • Maximize return on telephony assets
  • Keep legacy telephony technology in use

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