Hosted Asterisk Unified Communication Services

Hosted Telephony services

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  • Hosted services for PBX and full Unified Services
  • 99.9% availability, hosted on a cloud infrastructure with private access (VPN services available)
  • Never down, Never missed, Secured to the end user.


  • Fixed cost, Based subscription model
  • No "Hidden" Fees, One bill, one structure.


Hosted Telephony services

1. Monthly hosted services "All-In".

2. Pay As You Go based services  for hosted solutions

Adaptability & Cost Effective –This solution has many advantages which can increase your company’s notoriety and will offer an improved structure which is conducive to a simplified structure of communication and mobile integration.

SIP Trunking

Whether you require a IP telephony system for your Asterisk or VoIP Gateways associated with your Legacy (Analog) PBX, or need to use the VoIP capacities of your Panasonic, Siemens, Avaya, Samsung, LG, Toshiba or other brand of telephone system then our business quality SIP trunking systems are for you. 

Network Design

Our cloud network infrastructure , designed with the ability for each client to have its own network, which mean secure, reliable, private and stable connection to your own dedicated cloud IP PBX.

Hybrid Connection

EB Solution offers unique possibility for clients to have their own private cloud PBX with no maintenance or management tasks to take care and configured as a fail over solution for physical PBX deployed on-site.

Wireless Fail Over Connection

EB Solution offers wireless independent Wireless GSM connection for clients to serve as backup connection in case the client’s main connection will fail.


EB Solution is a “One Stop Shop” for Managed IT Service companies, Service Providers, Resellers, Affiliates and Distributors.

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EB Solution


EB Solution was founded in 2011 as a technical division of Wayatone Media Inc. Formed from the best front line technicians with broad experience in Networking, IT management, VoIP services and Telecommunication. EB Solution is eager to change the way consultation and implementation is provided to clients. EB Solution is a “One Stop Shop” for your technology needs. EB Solution will design, build, configure and implement a full solution “from A to Z”.

Our clientele consists of companies from various industries such as: Web marketing and sales (Delafind.com, MenuPalace.com), Computer sales (AI-Computers), Travel agency (Belca Travel), Charity (Logos Fellowship), Restaurants (LeSelect Bistro, 43ElmTree), Appliance service and repair (Vibofix) , Retail store chains (Walmart, GAP group), National Sports (NBA), Insurance companies (Roughly Insurance locations), Transport Companies (ET Transport, FastTrack Alliance) and more.

EB solution’s top priority is customer satisfaction, therefore we implemented a few systems in order to track, record, inspect, analyze and provide the fastest and most accurate solution to the client. Every project is a new excitement for us.

EB Solution strives to lead its team with the newest and most innovative information.

We are a Technology Partner and we do it with Success.

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