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Call Center Software Tools.

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  • Reduce amount of unanswered calls
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  1. Live Dashboard:  represents call center activity process. It shows allocation of agents between queus and agent's real state. 
  2. Handling Agents and Queues: To handle Queues Silicium uses internal AGI server. AGI server is responsible for agent's login/logout procedure and for inbound calls tracking.
  3. Report Viewer includes Call Detailed Records report, report for Agents per Queues. All reports allow to play recorded sound files.

  • Visual control of Agents state in a Queue
  • Control unanswered inbound calls
  • Making instant  callback to unanswered calls via Dashboard
  • Report Viewers
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We offer technical support for our software products - changing the algorithms of work in accordance with the requirements of customers, free update versions.

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Development of software for contact centers.

The main direction of the company is the creation of software products to optimize the work of contact centers.

Used technologies: Java, MongoDB, Javascript.

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