SMS API for Switchvox

Easily integrate text messaging (SMS) and Switchvox with our easy to use tools and API.

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Integrate SMS (text) messaging with Switchvox- Our service includes a custom panel for Switchboard that automatically populates your caller's inbound number with a form for sending text messages. Our easy to use SMS to email function keeps all of your text messages in one place for easy tracking and employee accountability.

Example integrations include but aren't limited to:

  • Emergency notification
  • Mass notification
  • Notification for queue congestion or overflow
  • Automated information dissemination via IVR flows
  • After hours SMS notification
  • SMS message waiting indication


  • Group Short Message Service (Group SMS)
  • Short Message Service (SMS)
  • SMS Message Detail Reporting (MDR)


SIP / Voice / SMS / API

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Let .e4 streamline your app's SMS deployment. Our flexible pay as you go service offers an easy to use API with extended reporting features. Whether you are looking for a new provider or developing a new application, .e4 has the tools you need at a price point that doesn't offend.

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