XDS Radio Interface Board

The AMTELCO XDS PCI Radio Interface board provides eight ports of connectivity for controlling analog radio devices, PBXs, or other communication equipment with equivalent interface requirements.

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  • Eight full-duplex E&M channels
  • Allows for seamless integration into Digium / Asterisk environments
  • Support for standard Type I or Type V E&M signaling protocols


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The AMTELCO XDS Radio Interface Board (ARIB) is RoHS compliant and includes eight ports of connectivity for the control of analog radio devices. Each port has up to six wires of connectivity when needed, providing audio connections to either a 2-wire devices or 4-wire devices. Two additional wires are available for signaling control and sometimes are referred to as the E&M leads. The signaling leads can be used to toggle the relay control for TX and RX functions in response to energy presence on the audio inputs.
Applications include 2, 4 or 6 wire connections to radio base stations controlling pagers, mobiles and/or 2-way radios. The ARIB can control simplex or duplex circuits.
AMTELCO’s Asterisk channel driver for the ARIB has been fully tested for compatibility within the Digium Asterisk environment.
The Radio Interface Board is a full length PCI-SIG compliant PCI board with two physical interfaces, including the PCI bus and an external RJ-21 telephony interface.
Optionally, this  board can provide a PBX Tie-Line interface using selectable firmware for the control of Type I and Type V E&M signaling, with either a 2-wire or 4-wire audio connection.

The AMTELCO XDS PCI E&M Line Interface board provides eight full duplex E&M channels for connection to radio dispatch, PBX, or other communication equipment with equivalent interface requirements. The eight E&M channels can be configured on a per-port basis through a custom configuration file with the AMTELCO Asterisk channel driver software package. Interface options include: * 2-wire or 4-wire audio E&M operation * Support for standard Type I or Type 5 E&M signaling protocols, as well as optional 'radio interface' mode supporting independent control of the E and M signaling leads (Push-to-Talk applications) * An RJ21 external board interface to support a variety of standard line interface interconnect methods The E&M line interface ports are controlled as individual channels by way of the XDS software channel driver. This allows for seamless integration into Digium / Asterisk environments and existing telephony extension configuration files. AMTELCO PCI E&M Line Interface boards are RoHS compliant, and include firmware control sets that can be downloaded (via the XDS channel driver) for future field upgrades if required.
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AMTELCO brings a history of innovation to the computer telephony industry with the eXternally Defined Switching (XDS) PC-based line interface products. AMTELCO's XDS Division specializes in providing E&M interface solutions for connection to radio dispatch and wireless communication devices in various markets. AMTELCO is located in McFarland, Wisconsin, with a global XDS customer base that has continued to grow since the inception of XDS in 1980.       

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