Voximal is an integrated solution of phone voice server. It is an engine for the creation of vocal services. It is based on Asterisk and our VoiceXML interpreter. It supports numerous features among which the voice synthesis and recognition.

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  • "IVR", "VoiceXML", "TTS", "ASR", "Asterisk application"
  • "DTMF", "MAD"
  • "The voice interaction"


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Call your Voximal, it speaks to you and understands your voice. It can also propose you more conventional menus using the keys on your phone. It answers the phone for you, to give you access to information, to collect datas or transfer calls.
Easy to install : in your environment with a self-installing package, or in the cloud using the images available from many suppliers.
Modular: it is ready for small installations to treat few calls, than redundant configurations with many concurrent calls.
Programmable: It uses the standard VoiceXML programing language. It has many features that go beyond conventional voice server.

Here is the list of available integrations. We also work on tunned solutions, incorporating features or modules on demand.

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Our commitment is to provide technical support on all our integrated softwares. According to your contract service, we provide a full diagnosis.

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Since its creation in 2009, the company Ulex Innovative Systems develops solutions to interact with the users through their phones.

At first supplier of technologies and services, Ulex releases now his solutions and turnkey systems, integrating its knowledge in phone voice servers technology.

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