Q-Suite, multi-tenant call center software for Asterisk

Q-Suite with in-built ACD, provides skills based routing with queue prioritization for inbound and a compliant predictive dialer for outbound. Web based agent, admin screens and comprehensive API allows for custom integration and migration to Asterisk.

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  • Scalable multi-tenant call center software for Asterisk
  • Q-Suite ACD with .NET and Socket API for integration to your business vertical
  • Seamless integration to Asterisk and scalable to multiple telephony servers


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Indosoft call center software Q-Suite is a multi-tenant, next generation contact center solution for Asterisk. This call center software provides web based Agent Interface as well as .NET and Socket based API for integration to you custom CRM. Q-Suite is unique in the sense that it comes with a sophisticated in-built ACD capable of queue prioritization with skills based routing and a self-pacing, compliant, predictive dialer. You can setup inbound, outbound and blended campaigns and seamlessly integrate your existing business systems and solutions with the call center software. With its comprehensive API, you can migrate your vertical applications to Asterisk seamlessly.

There are a number of powerful tools within the call center software to, customize the web interface for Agents, develop and deploy powerful scripts within the Agent screens and build and manage sophisticated call routing and IVR for your contact center. The powerful IVR builder offers full control over setting up of inbound services and campaigns. The predictive dialer along with preview, agent ready dialing and versatile list management capability provide the ability to manage outbound campaigns.  Asterisk has an in-built voice recording capability and our admin dashboards provides all the necessary tools. With powerful reporting and detailed CDR features, we offer a complete call center software for Asterisk, right out of the box.

Salient features of our call center software


  • Multi-tenant call center software for Asterisk
  • Scalable to multiple telephony servers
  • ACD with Skills based routing and Queue Prioritization
  • Automatic self pacing FCC compliant Predictive dialer
  • Web based Agent Screens or native Windows client using API based on .NET or TCP/IP socket library
  • GUI based Dialplan builder to create sophisticated IVR
  • Lead and List management with a comprehensive CRM
  • Advanced Script building tool for building scripts into Agent Screens
  • Customizable look and feel of Agent Screens to fit your requirements
  • Integrate your web enabled CRM to the Inbound/Outbound pop-up
  • Outbound Predictive dialing as well as Preview and Agent Ready dialing
  • Extensive and customizable Queues
  • Real-time and Historical Reporting
  • Contact center performance - Dashboard and Wallboard Reports
  • Integrated CTI platform to provide IVR and Voice Recording
  • Complete and feature rich call center software for Asterisk


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Support Details

Indosoft offers support 7 days a week, 9 Eastern to Mid-night Eastern for its call center software Q-Suite. First year support is available at no additional cost. From year two, support can be renewed at a nominal cost. Support includes upgrades and patches. 

Support Contact Information

Indosoft Inc.


Indosoft Inc., is a premier contact center technology provider for Asterisk. Q-Suite has been deployed over the globe since 2004. With Q-Suite, Indosoft offers a reliable enterprise grade multi-tenant contact center software, right out of the box. Q-Suite is a scalable and comes with with an inbuilt ACD with Skills based routing and Queue Prioritization for inbound contact centers as well an automatic self pacing FCC compliant for outbound. It comes with Web based Agent Screens as well as native Windows client. With an  inbuilt ACD, Q-Suite provides seamless integration to Asterisk.  Its fully developed API (Socket and .NET API) allow for custom integration to business verticals requiring CTI (computer telephony integration).


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