Music On Hold: Custom http Streams for Asterisk

New: custom, licensed music and messages on hold via http .mp3 stream. No more loading and changing music on hold files. We work with the end-user and manage all audio. You may charge an enhanced MOH fee for a recurring revenue stream.

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  • Professional MOH delivered via http stream.
  • Managed off-site by Easy On Hold professional MOH service.
  • No more uploading files to change content.


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You may now offer "enhanced MOH" service with a live http stream from Easy On Hold. Just program the URL and Easy On Hold does the rest.

Callers hear short, engaging marketing announcements and ever-changing music, plus friendly "good morning" and "good afternoon" greetings. Content can be scheduled with start and stop dates. All scripts, voices, music and licensing is included.

This solution removes your liability for using licensed content without permission, and you will never need to do anything to maintain the audio (no more loading audio files).

Multiple unique streams can be provisioned for use by specific departments and extensions. Foreign languages and translations available.

Until now, no matter which method of MOH playback was used, businesses had to handle media (audio files, CD, etc.), while callers listen to stale, looping audio. With our streaming technology, we provide a live program personalized to each business, and the sound quality is outstanding.


Upgrade To Streaming Messages On Hold

Streaming custom music and messages on hold will provide added value for your customers, and added recurring revenue for you.

Team up with Easy On Hold, to provide enhanced MOH service to your customers without handling audio files or managing ongoing changes and updates. Your customers work directly with Easy On Hold to develop their own custom music and message on hold channel.

If you choose, you may charge a monthly enhanced service fee. That's additional monthly revenue for you.

Ideal Solution For Asterisk

With an Asterisk-based business telephony solution comes an amazing set of features. One feature you may not be taking advantage of is streaming music on hold. Easy On Hold provides individualized custom 128k http .mp3 streams created specifically for your business clients. The custom live stream plays a series of announcements that inform, inspire and update callers while they wait.

The new streaming system manages hand-crafted 30 to 60 second promotional spots, with a mix of voice and music, each focused on presenting an influential idea or message to callers on hold.

With music constantly changing and timely topics blending in at just the right times, the new Easy On Hold streaming system provides a fresh sound callers find more appealing.

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Easy On Hold provides telephone support during regular business hours, Eastern Time.

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Easy On Hold


Easy On Hold provides custom music on hold messages (MOH) for business that helps the business owner, marketer and I.T. professional sound great and build business quickly and easily.

Customers include several well-known and Fortune 100 companies (Frontier Communications, AT&T, Berkshire Hathaway, Hess Energy, Norwegian Cruise Line, Expedia, Hub Spot, US Postal Service, etc.) as well as medium and small businesses. All business want to reach their target market with current and relevant messages. Easy On Hold's innovative systems deliver the perfect phone-on-hold marketing solution.

The right time and place to make a connection with your customer is when they’re reaching out to you. It’s happening every day on your phones.

As the only live, streaming custom messages on hold service, Easy On Hold is an ideal Asterisk partner. With an http .mp3 audio stream as the MOH source, every caller will hear fresh, live content to enhance their experience. The Asterisk tech no longer needs to upload audio files or risk sharing the repsonsibility for unlicensed content being used on hold. All changes to the live audio stream are made at the Easy On Hold studio, with an experienced team (17 years) helping the business owner create effective content.


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