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Zoiper Communicator is a powerful cross-platform Unified Communications multi-protocol software solution which offers voice, video, instant messaging (IM), and faxing over IP for Asterisk and any other IAX or SIP capable system.

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  • Zoiper softphone is available for both SIP and Asterisk-native IAX protocol.
  • Supports all major operating systems, both on desktop computers and mobile devices.
  • The feature-rich Communicator offers all basic softphone functionality plus multiple codec support.


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Zoiper is a cross-platform multi-protocol software communications tool which combines the functionalities of softphones, messengers, and business media communication tools. Zoiper is a standards-based, highly-integrable and customizable, provisioning-ready solution, making it suitable for ISPs, ITSPs, Call Centers, Mobile and WiMax operators, and any individual and business approach to benefiting from VoIP.

•   Unified Communications Made Easy

Unified communications are delivered through instant messaging (IM), two-way voice & video calls, and faxing over IP with Zoiper Communicator, all in an intuitive contact-centric user interface. The Communicator is a ready solution for VoIP providers and end-users who wish to fully benefit from Unified Communications over IP.

•   Contact-Centric User Interface

Unified Communications have never been easier with the intuitive interface, designed for professional contact management: use Zoiper’s search engine to locate and approach the desired contact on the fly. Dockable tabs such as the Address Book and Dialpad additionally refine user experience.

•   Zoiper Ubiquity

Compatible with Asterisk and any SIP or IAX-capable system, Zoiper delivers high-quality VoIP, video and messaging on all major PC and mobile platforms. Zoiper is also available as a cross-browser plugin for PC, offering softphone functionalities on webpages.

The general Unified Communications features of Zoiper Communicator include:

  • voice calls using SIP and IAX;
  • video calls using SIP;
  • instant messaging (IM) using SIMPLE and XMPP;
  • user presence in XMPP network
  • two-way T.38 faxing using SIP;
  • audio codecs: GSM; G.711 (A-Law, u-Law); Speex; iLBC(20, 30); G.729 (additional fee required)
    video codecs: H263+.
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The Zoiper Support team assists our customers in getting all VoIP benefits with Zoiper. Our support page supplies manuals and step-by-step topic-based tutorials for getting most of Zoiper.

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Zoiper Communicator


Zoiper is a leading provider of Unified Communication technologies and solutions. Started off as Asterisk-native Idefisk, Zoiper has grown into a set of highly-integrable and customizable solutions and platforms to support the Enterprise and Internet Telephony Service Provider industry, as well as anyone taking advantage of Voice over IP. The company portfolio includes basic softphone and Unified Communication applications for both desktop and mobile devices, as well as Web-based (click-to-talk) VoIP applications.


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