Meet&Talk Audio Conference Bridge

Meet&Talk Conference Bridge is for companies who wish to provide a conference service for their employees or for a reseller to sell a service. Used by British Telecom for support of their telephony infrastructure and other companies throughout the world.

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  • Meet&Talk is Secure, Reservation-less, Instant Access + Recording
  • Conference Control Screen to enable Web control of a conference
  • Conference Control Screen to enable Web control of a conference


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Meet&Talk is supplied as a complete hardware and software system (Bridge) that is easy to install.
Normal installation takes about 1 hour to get first conference running.
Our customers have found this a cost-effective replacement for a service, and in many cases the system pays for itself within six to twelve months.
Meet&Talk is a reservation-less audio conference bridge with many sophisticated features
British Telecom use Meet&Talk for internal support of their telephony infrastructure
It is a dial in and optionally dial out conference if enabled plus recording
It has been designed to need minimal support by both admin and technical staff
Users should not require training to use the system.
It is possible to control a conference via a Web-based conference control – Users must log on to access this. This is a useful feature if you want to be sure who is in a conference, or mute someone who is introducing noise.
There is an Operator module available as a cost option – this enables advanced control of conferences. 
A service reseller version – Meet&Talk2 - is available for companies wishing to resell conferencing to its customers.

Meet&Talk Conference Bridges consist of a single self-contained unit that incorporates all the necessary components to conduct multiple Audio Conferences.
Each System Incorporates:
1. Linux Operating System Software
2. MySQL Databases for Users, Departments, Bookings, Configuration and Audio Recordings
3. Apache Web server for remote Browser based setup and control.
4. PHP interpreter
Connected into existing PBX, or direct to Public Telephone Network via traditional Digital telephony, or VoIP Data Network, it comes with Integrated Voice-Over IP (VoIP) as standard.
Critical Application, resilient platform through the use of:
1. redundant hardware at both equipment and system level
2. sharing of conferences across bridges
3. equipment located in difference physical locations
4. option to add extra bridges to increase resilience
5. ‘mirrored’ user databases across bridges
6. system alerts and reports
E1/T1/PRI Connectivity to an existing PBX or Public Telephone Network using Euro ISDN connectivity using RJ45 Q931, QSIG or similar.
Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) connectivity using SIP or H323 protocol.
The Bridge capacity can be increased to 240 channels per physical unit.  This can be increased further by adding physical units.
The channels will be configured to make the bridge appear as a single, or multiple extensions of the PBX.

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Support Details

1. Telephone ‘Hot-Line’ support during normal office hours
2. Secure internet access by Miton Systems for system day-to-day support
3. System software revision updates
4. Support Engineer(s) and Introductory Operator Training where necessary
5. Minor updates and changes to application and operational software
6. All documentation
7. Development of engineering support procedures so that user can eventually become self sufficient supporting the installation
8. Replacement of hardware due to failure
9. Telecom Network side of system support and issue resolution

Support Contact Information

Miton Systems Ltd


Miton specialise in the development and deployment of advance LINUX based computer Telephony systems and services. Our core product is Meet&Talk which is an Audio Conference Bridge for Corporates or Conference Service Resellers, where reliability, future expansion and cost are primary requirements. Technology moves fast - we have the people who can keep up with it! We are a company that is based on Technical Excellence. We employ the best engineers and produce products that technically reflect this. Our key people have many years of experience developing, installing and supporting products world-wide. Miton are dedicated to providing a fresh approach to this market and pioneered the development of high-density, user friendly computer Telephony systems using Linux Internet Telephony. Our mission is to enable our customers to focus on their applications and leave the technology to us by delivering user-friendly interfaces and feature set, and to provide total scalability that enable our customers to start small and grow big as their business grows so protecting their investment. Miton's core competencies are in Asterisk based telephony solutions. Miton provide a number of pre-configured solutions, plus customised versions that fit specific needs. Miton are committed to providing our current and prospective customers with reliable, cost-effective and flexible computer Telephony solutions that exceed their expectations.
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