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Give your customers a rock solid guarantee that your product works with Asterisk. Digium’s product and service certification program offers advanced alignment with Asterisk, the open source communications market leader.

Digium certification guarantees that your product works with Asterisk. Once a product has been successfully tested it can be listed as “Certified” in the Asterisk Exchange and may be imprinted with the “Digium Certified” logo. Certification carries many benefits, helping to assure your success in the Asterisk market.

Certification Benefits

  • Competitive Advantage – Asterisk users know that Digium certified products are guaranteed to work with Asterisk, while uncertified products can pose a risk.
  • Recognized Compatibility -- Your customers will recognize that Digium’s “Digium Certified” logo ensures the product has been tested to the strictest quality measures and guarantees interoperability with Asterisk.
  • Special Status -- Certified products listed on AsteriskExchange™ will be prominently marked to indicate their status. Visitors to AsteriskExchange™ can filter results to display only certified listings.
  • Logo Usage – Let customers know your product works with Asterisk by adding the "Digium Certified" logo to product marketing literature, web page, collateral, and packaging.
  • Joint PR with Digium – Tell the world that your product has passed the test with a joint press release with Digium.
  • Asterisk Events – Companies with Digium Certified products get first dibs on exhibition and sponsorship opportunities at AstriCon and Digium Asterisk World.
  • Explicit Words – Receive explicit permission to use Digium trademark words including “Asterisk” in online advertising campaigns for your certified products.

For more information on the certification program, please submit your information and you will be contacted by a Digium representative.

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