Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is AsteriskExchange™?

    Asterisk is the world’s most popular open source telephony engine. AsteriskExchange™ is the online marketplace for products built on or integrated with Asterisk.

  • What type of products are listed on the AsteriskExchange™?

    AsteriskExchange™ listings include hardware and software products and components, including: IP phones, soft phones, edge devices, gateways, call center applications, voice prompts, text to speech and speech recognition software, complete PBX systems, gateway hardware and much more.

  • What are the advantages of being listed on AsteriskExchange™?

    AsteriskExchange™ is the premier marketplace for all things Asterisk. With Asterisk developers and millions of Asterisk users and downloads worldwide, AsteriskExchange™ provides high visibility and drives targeted traffic to your product.

  • Will products be reviewed and ranked by user popularity or downloads?

    Yes, AsteriskExchange™ provide provides ranking services, so the most popular and highest rated products will premium listingreceive priority in the listings. Users also will be able to post narrative reviews, sharing opinions and viewpoints from around the globe.

  • How do I list my company’s product on AsteriskExchange™?

    First, we recommend you review the rest of this FAQ and then apply for a listing. Digium reserves the right to determine which products may be listed. Next, submit your product(s) using the online product listing wizard. Your submissions will be reviewed and if approved, you will receive a price quote and instructions for activating your listings.

  • Does AsteriskExchange™ support click-through access to 3rd party sites?

    Yes. Listings may contain links to the product’s main web page or directly to a buy-now option.

  • Can I advertise my products on AsteriskExchange™?

    Yes. Please, note that all listings and advertising must be reviewed and approved by Digium prior to posting.

  • How much does it cost to list a product on AsteriskExchange™?

    For information on listing packages, please see our rate card.

  • Who sets the price of products offered on AsteriskExchange™?

    Pricing, support, license and other product information are all set by provider.

  • Are there transaction charges or percentages assessed?

    No. Listings are sold on a per-product basis. AsteriskExchange™ does not handle the transaction process, so there are no transaction or click-through charges.

  • How will Digium promote the AsteriskExchange™?

    Digium will promote the AsteriskExchange™ to new and existing Asterisk users, resellers and integrators through a combination of email and social media marketing, targeted online advertising, advanced search engine optimization and direct links from our high traffic and sites.

  • Will Digium provide advertising on AsteriskExchange™?

    Yes. AsteriskExchange™ advertising and co-marketing plans provide AsteriskExchange™ providers with access to valuable Featured Products and Listings sections throughout the site, as well as newsletter mentions and event sponsorships.

  • Will I be able to add HTML to my Company Description or Contact Info?

    We've implemented a filter that only allows certain HTML tags in Company Descriptions and Contact Info. This filter acts as a counter-measure to XSS exploits. Any embedded objects, forms, frames, or JavaScript references will be removed from your description. In order to maintain consistency throughout our product listings, we have designed a site that adheres to a cohesive format that is designed to scale and support multiple listings. This also provides a consistent user experience and ensures more secure browsing and a better experience for all users.

  • Does Digium provide support for products or services purchased or downloaded from AsteriskExchange™?

    No. Support for all items listed on AsteriskExchange™ is the exclusive responsibility of the seller. AsteriskExchange™ listings are governed by listing requirements and a contractual agreement that ensures only items of production-ready quality are available on AsteriskExchange™.

  • My application is not a free open source tool and I am not prepared to share source code. Can I still list my product on AsteriskExchange™?

    Yes. There is absolutely no requirement that you make your source open. Many software products listed on AsteriskExchange™ are proprietary, binary files -- not open source.

  • I would like to have my product certified by Digium and promote this product on AsteriskExchange™. What is the process?

    Digium offers exclusive product testing and certification for products that interoperate with Asterisk. Certification is a separate process from listing your product on the AsteriskExchange™, but certified products do receive special billing and users can filter to view only certified products. To apply to have your product certified, submit your application here.

  • I am already a Digium Technology Partner, how does the AsteriskExchange™ impact me?

    If your company offers Asterisk-related products, your listing will be moved to the AsteriskExchange™ for the duration of your agreement and Digium will work with you to set up product listings. At your next renewal you will need to review and accept the new terms, conditions and pricing.